ROSONE ROSONE TECHNICAL INFORMATION STRUCTURE: legs in solid wood veneer with wooden insert painted in the same finish as the metal inserts. Undertop in epoxy-coated metal foil. INSERTS: Vertical undertop and overtop inserts in painted metal available in various finishes. TOP: Available in 2cm and 5cm thicknesses in marble, 2 and 5 cm in veneer […]


PLATEA Platea offers multiple modular configurations to satisfy the most discerning clientele in the sofa area; from minimalist combinatios to large areas equipped with drawers, open compartments, and mechanised concealed elements. COMBINATION gloss and matt to enhance the beauty of BOLIVAR, KALU and OAK thewoods selected for Platea. COMBINATION gloss and matt to enhance the […]

Dorico – Table

DORICO DORICO TABLE a construction system reminiscent of the load-bearing columns of the past in a correct and dynamic balance of wood veneer parts and precise insert of structural metal blades. The relevant thicknesses of the top in veneer curved on all sides and underneath with precise joint detail on the outer sides of the […]


CAPITELLO A design element with generous storage space inside finished with a concentrically radiused wood veneer or fully laquered to enhanche its simplicity and aesthetic rigour. TECHNICAL INFORMATION STRUCTURE: curved plywood, veneered or lacquered externally, lacquered internallyLID: solid wood with veneered or lacquered exterior, lacquered interiorDIVISION: interior partition in lacquered plywoodBASE: wooden base, covered with […]